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Arvind Rathan

Professional Numerologist & Scientific Vastu Consultant

Mr. Arvind Rathan is a Scientific Vastu Numerology and Feng Shui expert with over 14 years of experience in providing innovative and effective Vastu and Name Numerology Solutions, to clients from all part of the society, under the brand name as RedLuck.


Mr.Arvind Rathan, is a dynamic consultant from Bangalore. Since more than 14 years, he has been professionally practicing the Art and Science of Astrology/Vastushastra/FengShui/Numerology. His passion for guiding people, his systematic holistic approach, the talent and a sound knowledge on Vastushastra has helped in carving a niche and making Redluck a reputed brand.


Arvind Rathan led Redluck’s Mission is to ‘Improve Your Life and Your Business’. RedLuck is  engaged in business of guiding on the above subject. We also market an innovative and effective Vastu/Fengshui Product Accessories, which help to energize the property and rectify the flaws (Vastu Doshas) without major structural changes.



There are 3 factors which govern us… (1) our Destiny (2) our Karmas (3) Vastu Shastra (Energies of the Property). We guide on all 3 factors and give workable and effective remedies. We are experts in energizing structures without suggesting major alterations or demolitions. Redluck has been instrumental in the progress of numerous factories, housing complexes, offices, showrooms, homes, hotels, restaurants, parlours etc. Feedback from the clients has been positive and most of the clients have benefited by the advice.


The basic quality of the right Vastu Consultant is the insight vision, practical knowledge, intuitive and a sound state of mind. This is essential to assimilate, understand and interpret the observations, diagnose the deep rooted problem and give practical yet effective recommendations with relevance to modern times and Mr. Arvind Rathan is blessed with all these qualities.

Our Services At A Glance

Please find the services below with Arvind Rathan – Red Luck Numerology Services

Personalised Numerology

A name has so many secrets with-in. A name can either make you or break you so get a lucky one for yourself today.

Scientific Vastu

A perfect vastu can eliminate most of the hurdles and blocks in your life. Gives peace and help you work better.

Business Numerology

Stable business brings so many things in life and we make sure to run your business smoothly with the help of numbers compatibility.