Jiten Fortune Activator


This new Mini ‘PyraFire’ Instrument can Create a Strong and dynamic motivating force in atmosphere. It arouses the core level of millions of charged ‘PHOTON’ particles around us. Discover the powers of fire and pyramids to turn a wish into reality!


Mystic Benefits:

  • Neutralizes evil effects and creates positive, beneficial force.
  • Pre-programmed photons of Pyra-Fire can evoke all three levels – Mind, Body & Spirit.
  • Re-energize your space at home, work or factory.
  • Must before any vastu correction and ideal for daily use at home and office.
  • Millions of photons released from fire, it harmonises the space and turns your wish into reality!


Use kapur(camphor), place it in the copper vessel. Now take the vessel in your left palm and put your right hand on top. Repeat your wish for minimum nine times. Pray to the almighty or the power you believe in for fulfilment. set the copper vessel as shown in the figure. Go to the center of the room or house with fire instrument. light the kapur and again pray till the fire extinguishes. During fire, millions of beneficial photons spread in the room. after some time these photons starts working as per your program. This method can be applied weekly or daily twice to fulfil your wish and overcome all difficulties.

Additional Information
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 4 cm
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